Commercial procedures

To minimise the possibility of releasing respirable asbestos fibres, the following general guidelines regarding asbestos-containing products should be observed at all times:

  • All asbestos containing materials should be kept in good repair
  • Asbestos containing materials should never be tooled, cut, sanded, abraded, machined, or subjected to excessive vibration
  • Personnel should be advised of the presence and location of asbestos containing materials in the workplace.  It could be known as a hazardous materials register or Part 5 or Part 6 Audit document. It will generally locate, rate and have sample results of items possibly containing asbestos and other hazardous materials. You should find a suitably competent and experienced person or company to do the audits and registers.
  • Areas containing friable or damaged asbestos materials should be isolated from personnel
  • As far as is praticable all asbestos containing materials should be appropriately labelled
  • Consideration should be given to replacement of all asbestos containing materials (particularly friable materials) with non-asbestos containing alternatives, whenever and wherever this is practicable
  • Before any demolition or refurbishment takes place, the risk to personnel arising from the wirk must be assessed.  The results of this assessment must be made available to persons responsible for acrrying out the demolition or refurbishment.  This also applies to the removal of re4dundant equipment

When planning your asbestos removal, it is important to follow the guidelines relating to your State and Local Council regulations.


Commercial Properties
When planning to remove asbestos contaminated products from your commercial property it is important that you have a Hazardous Materials audit done on the property to ensure that you have identified all areas that contain asbestos materials.  You need to find a NATA certified environmental Company.  They will come out and do a visual site inspection and take samples of suspect materials.  They will test sample pieces in their laboratory and produce a report detailing there findings.  The cost for this is dependant upon the size of the property and the extent of the hazardous materials.  Once you have a copy of this report you can contact us to obtain a fixed price quotation for its removal and disposal.


It would be helpful if you have photos of the property that you can provide us with.  We base our pricing on the total number of square metres to be removed.  If you can provide us with the length and height of each wall/roof we can work it out for you.


We can then provide you with a written quotation setting out, in detail, the procedure we follow to ensure optimal safety during removal.


We require not less than five (5) working days notice to enable us to submit the necessary documents to the relevant Government departments (depending on which State the project is for).  There is an emergency 24 hour notification should your asbestos material be damaged and in a dangerous condition.  We can discuss this with you at the time of your enquiry.

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