Common Problems

Bathrooms not waterproofed properly at construction stage  

If a bathroom has not been waterproofed properly during the construction stage you can experience major problems down the track.  If your shower leaks due to cracked pipes, broken tiles or cracked grout you will have water penetrating through the tiles and causing damage to the walls and floor of the shower.  You are likely to see tiles popping off.  If there are no visible signs, you may have the water soaking into the structure beams and floorboards or concrete and walls.  Over time this will cause the wood, concrete or sheets to rot which will greatly reduce the strength of the structure.  In severe cases of this being left unattended to, you could fall through the shower floor.  

Carpet damage

Water can soak into the floorboards and over time this will cause the carpet and underlay to be continually wet.  This will rot your carpet and create a putrid smell.  Isolation angles placed at the entrance to the wet areas will assist greatly in containing any water penetration to remain inside the wet areas.  

Water leaking out of planter boxes

If the planter boxes on your balconies have not been waterproofed, the water will eventually penetrate through the structure, usually in the corners.  This will cause water stains and leaks to be visible on the outside of the planter boxes.  You may also find that, over time, the water will start to pool on the balcony or run down the outside wall of the balcony and cause further damage to the floor underneath.

Concrete Cracking

When you start to see cracks appearing in a concrete structure, you generally find that there is a water leak somewhere that is causing the concrete to expand and contract repeatedly over time.  This can be caused by drastic changes in the temperature as well.

Most concrete structures have been built with expansion joints in them.  These are designed to eliminate the concrete cracking as the joints are filled with a silicone type product that will take the stress of the movement without affecting the concrete.  If there are not enough expansion joints or there are no expansion joints, then you will probably have issues with the concrete cracking.

Rising Damp

This is where you have moisture coming up from the ground.  It is commonly found in areas where earth has been dug into and structures built into the earth such as basements, car parking bays, underground homes etc.  You will see the inside or outside of the walls always looking wet and darker in colour than the rest of the wall.  There are various ways of treating this and it would depend on the accessibility to the area of concern.

White chalky residue bleeding out of concrete

This is a calcium product bleeding out through the concrete and gravity takes it down the side of the wall.  There are various ways of fixing this problem but the most common way is to cut out the affected area and replace with new product and then treat the cause.

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